Why Sugary Drinks Are Bad For Your Child’s Smile

Most people know how sugary drinks can be bad for your waistline. But some don’t think about how sugary drinks can affect your overall oral health. With many of today’s drinks containing excessive amounts of sugar, it may be time for our San Jose patients to start thinking about what that sugar is doing to our teeth.

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Soft Drinks

The acidic nature of soft drinks can destroy a child’s tooth enamel, making teeth more prone to decay. When the high levels of sugar found in those syrupy soft drinks comes into contact with weakened tooth enamel, cavities may be inevitable. A serving of soda may contain as much as 10-12 teaspoons of sugar. You probably wouldn’t eat 10 straight teaspoons of sugar in one sitting, so you may want to think about ways to avoid drinking the same amount.

Fruit Juices

Many people assume that fruit juice is healthy and children especially love juice. But acidic juices can wear on enamel just as quickly as sodas. The high sugar content in juices like orange juice combined with the enamel-eroding acidity create a perfect breeding ground for tooth decay. For children who love their juices, your south San Jose pediatric dentistry can help your child maintain a healthy smile.

Children’s teeth are especially sensitive to the acidity and sugar combination. If your family drinks soda or fruit juices, make sure to brush your teeth immediately afterward. It’s also important to eat a meal when drinking a sugary drink. Eating will help produce more saliva which will help to break down the acid and sugar. Using a straw in a sugary drink may also help to keep the beverage away from the teeth.

It’s also important to make sure your child sees a pediatric dentist for regularly scheduled visits to keep their teeth clean and problem-free. The Dental Dimensions offers pediatric dentistry in San Jose, CA. Your pediatric dentist can offer additional advice on caring for your child’s teeth to make sure those occasional sodas or juices don’t cause lasting, permanent damage.

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