What Are Telescopic Loupes?

During your last dental exam at The Dental Dimensions in South San Jose, you may have noticed your dentist wearing a funny little set of glasses during your dental procedure. These special glasses are known as telescopic loupes, and they are an important piece of equipment many dentists use all of the time.

What Are Telescopic Loupes?

Telescopic loupes are a special set of glasses that dentists wear to help them better perform their job. They typically look like a regular set of glasses with two small microscopes attached to the front lenses. Your doctor may also own a pair that features just the microscope without the eyeglass lens.

Why Do Dentists Wear Telescopic Loupes?

Telescopic loupes do exactly what they look like they would do; they magnify whatever your dentist at The Dental Dimensions in South San Jose is looking at so he or she can see better. These special glasses aren’t just for people with poor eyesight, however. They are designed to help all dentists see the miniscule details of your mouth in order to better diagnose and treat any underlying conditions you may have.

Dentists most typically use telescopic loupes to see the small signs that indicate gingivitis or to spot the beginnings of a brand new cavity that is starting to form, but these special glasses can be used to help dentists spot a number of different conditions.

While the latest advances in dental technology have produced some pretty remarkable machines, sometimes the best tools are some of the simplest of all. Telescopic loupes help dentists do their job effectively, efficiently and accurately in order to provide you with the best care possible.

If you’re ready for truly professional care, call your dentist at The Dental Dimensions in South San Jose and schedule an appointment today.

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