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All on four Dental Implants - South San Jose and West San Jose

One of the reasons why All on four dental implants are becoming popular in tooth restoration is their versatility. Rather than living with the discomfort caused by missing teeth, people prefer to replace their entire arch of teeth with All on four dental implants. Some dental conditions like tooth decay, tooth infection or aging can lead to tooth loss. And it is not easy to cope up with missing teeth because it may interfere with your daily activities. With All on four dental implants, you can achieve that smile you have ever longed for. It brings back that confidence in you and thereby increases your self-esteem. People living with missing teeth may tend to refrain themselves from socializing with their circle.

All on 4 treatment gives back an individual all that was lost and enhances the quality of life. Unlike conventional implant-supported dentures, All on 4 dental implants require only four dental implants. This helps you in saving your time and money. Bone loss may occur when the dentures give continual pressure to your bone. Over time the bone may disappear. This process is called Resorption. All on four dental implants helps to preserve your bone from further deterioration. Therefore, you need not rely on the dentures.


All on four Implant Procedure

All on four treatment is said to be a Prosthodontic treatment which provides an entire arch of permanent teeth either on the lower or upper jaw or both. It best matches the patients who have significant tooth decay or tooth loss and for those who cannot opt for conventionally oriented dental implants due to bone loss.

All on 4 is a graftless solution, as it avoids the costly and long process of rebuilding bone. A careful analysis of the bone structure is being made for a successful implementation. Mostly, a CBCT scan is taken to evaluate the bone.

All on four treatment involves four titanium screws which will be placed in the jaw bone, in such a way that the bone will enclose them. Once the implants are placed, the abutment will be fit to the implants, so that the replacement teeth can be placed to give you a brand new smile.

All on four treatment is considered to be a less invasive method, as it involves only four implants. Also, All on 4 treatment involves less surgical time, when compared to other treatments.

Allon Four

Why All on Four?

Allon Four
  • Custom-made Prosthesis - Matches the appearance of your natural teeth
  • Comfortable - No pressure on your jaw bone
  • Convenient - You do not have to remove them. It is fixed.
  • Satisfying - You will feel confident and you can eat whatever you want.
  • Healthy - Help you preserve your Jawbone from further loss.
  • Attractive - Neat set of Brand New Teeth.

At The Dental Dimensions, we have experienced Prosthodontists who can check whether you are a candidate for All on four and then proceed with the treatment.


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