Have economic family dental care clinics become a myth?


Today every family has a common question in their minds, whether they can receive affordable family dental care services in an era of adversity. This issue’s skepticism is accelerated because many family dental care clinics went along with the trend and later altered their prices. However, several family dental care services offer pocket-friendly rates and attract patients because of their exceptional services. 

The world today is routing towards unprecedented inflation and recession. Rates for basic services and utilities are touching the skies. The pandemic Covid-19 has fueled these horrid economic conditions. The luxury services and products are hampered due to rising costs, but the daily services have also faced the burnt. 

We at The Dental Dimensions believe in offering families across San Jose exceptional oral health services at the most affordable price ranges. For dental clinics like us, we keep affordable quality dental services above charging exorbitant prices. 

Our budget-friendly rates indicate:


Dental care at top priority

Due to cost-effective pricing, many families have given oral health care services priority in their life without worrying about exorbitant prices. Children are free-spirited and they do not worry about their teeth. Every parent’s responsibility is to motivate their kids regarding oral health and take them regularly to a family dentist near me. Our dental office has a healthy and friendly environment to offer amazing oral services for every member of your family. 



Trust is the root of any long-lasting relationship. The families who we serve trust us with their present and future dental needs, which is why we offer exceptional services at affordable rates. The faith our patients have in us lets us serve them very well and offer them amazing smiles and healthy life.


A better future

For a sound, stable and healthy future, one must take a step ahead and visit a dentist near me regularly. Contact our dental clinic today for overwhelming dental health through our exceptional family dentistry near me.

What should one know about All-on-4 dental implants?


“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.” Yes, our teeth play a vital role in our life. They help us in chewing and grinding and enable us to speak and smile clearly. From an aesthetic point of view, a beautiful smile is incomplete without healthy teeth. Shiny and well-placed teeth make our smile more charismatic. 


Unfortunately, nearly half of the globe’s population struggle due to missing teeth. The reasons for missing teeth are different for everyone. Still, the implications are almost alike for every patient – difficulty in chewing, smiling, low self-esteem and higher chances of underlying diseases. Do not worry, as all-on-four implants can rebuild your lost smiles.


What do you mean by All-on-4 dental implants?


All-on-4 dental implants come under a prosthodontic procedure that provides a permanent replacement for missing teeth for both the set of jaws. They have revolutionized the way people replace missing teeth. This procedure is best-suited for people experiencing bone loss and cannot get conventional dental implants. 


The all-on-4 in San Jose offers cost-friendly and permanent solutions to replace all teeth with just four implants. The procedure involves the precise placement of four implants in both the jaws that act as anchors. Once the implants fuse into your jawbone, a new set of teeth is placed to restore your gorgeous smiles. 


All-on-4 implants offer outstanding benefits than other alternatives that make them preferable including:

  • Improved functioning.
  • Improved speech and chewing ability.
  • Lesser time for treatment.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Improved patient satisfaction.


No more missing teeth!


If missing teeth has made your life miserable, consider getting affordable implant dentistry and dental bridges in San Jose at The Dental Dimensions. We are committed to offering superior-quality dental care services for your ultimate oral health. Our dental experts have years of experience in providing implant care. Our office also has an expert Invisalign dentist in West San Jose. Schedule your appointment today without wasting a minute! 


Five Reasons Why Dental Implants Are the Best Teeth Replacement Option


Missing a tooth or more puts off your beautiful smile. However, that does not take away your right to smile gracefully again. Thankfully, there are a wide array of restoration options available to renew your smile and oral health. Dental implants are considered one of the best restoration options available for missing teeth. Let’s look at five essential factors that make dental implants in San Jose the right choice for patients with missing teeth. 

1. 95% success rate

Many of us have heard horror stories about dental implant surgery, but they actually have a great success rate at 95 percent. Advancements in dental science and the usage of new technology and instruments have made this treatment highly successful. 

2.  Oral health preservation

Dental implants restore the complete root system rather than just replacing the visible parts above the gums. That helps in preserving gum tissue volume and jawbone density. A patient’s complete oral structure is preserved, offering a young and appealing facial structure. 

3.  Long-lasting

Unlike other restorations, implants do not need frequent maintenance for continued functioning. They retain your smile’s natural shape for a long time and require replacements only every five to seven years. Implant-supported dentures can last for decades.

4.  Natural appearance and feel

Dental implants offer a natural look and feel as they replace the tooth entirely from the root and function.

5 . Chewing ability is restored 

With traditional dentures, only 30% of your chewing ability is restored. Dental implants can restore more than 70% of your natural chewing ability. You can chew your delicacies confidently without fearing any shifting of the denture.

Get a rejuvenating smile today!
Are you looking for a dental implant clinic in San Jose? Visit us at “The Dental Dimensions” and get amazing services of implant dentistry in San Jose. Our experienced team is committed to offering high-quality dental care. Hurry up and schedule your appointment today for stunning results.

All on four dental implants – Get your new set of teeth in a single day!


Get brand new teeth in a single day! Aren’t you surprised seeing this? Most of you may think of it as unreasonable and questionable, but the good news is that All on 4 dental implants offer patients new sets of fixed, instant functional teeth in just one day. This dental technique offers toothless patients with the ability to smile and face the world confidently again. All-on-four implants have treated a thousand and lakhs of patients worldwide and have marked success in dental implantology. But, the question lies, how do they offer new sets of teeth in a single day?

What do you mean by All-on-four dental implants?

The all-on-4 implants technique is a surgical procedure that restores the missing smiles of patients who have lost most or all of their teeth in an accident, gum diseases or dental decay. It requires placement of 4 artificial tooth implants on every jaw and then fixing dental bridges on the top of these implants to offer a healthy and natural smile. That is done in a single surgery.

How do all-on-4 implants make teeth in a single day?

The specially trained dentists can offer a new set of teeth to the patients without bone grafting first. That is achieved by knowing the correct location and accurate angulation of dental implants in the jaw areas that originally had a larger volume of more atrophy-resistant bone tissue. All-on-4 implants mostly avoid the need to perform any additional surgery. This rescues the patients to undergo a discomforting and painful experience post-procedural recovery. Without having to wait for months, a new set of teeth is placed in a single day.

Restore your natural smile today!

Do not wait for a single minute in embarrassment. Call our office at The Dental Dimensions and schedule your appointment today. Get a full set of new replacement teeth within 24 hours. Our professional dental experts create your set of teeth, tailoring your needs. Get ready to smile, laugh and eat with confidence!

Romances On the net

The largest lesson to understand coming from this all is definitely the Internet is a good destination to carry and even contact form formidable, supportive human relationships along with other folks. It’s true, that will human relationships internet is easier and much more beneficial as compared to we were holding just before. It was once a whole lot harder to find someone that you can connect with or perhaps that you just felt like you had a thing in common having. Nevertheless , with so many different people these days dating online, obtaining your fit web based is becoming faster and easier. Together with networks for instance Facebook in addition to Facebook, human relationships could be developed quickly and easily.

The real training to learn out of pretty much everything is the fact that connections could work best of all web based compared to they greatly in actual life relationships. There isn’t a requirement for actual contact during these sorts of websites and also this allows equally visitors to build up trust together. Possessing fine connections on the net is crucial inside to be a in charge internet resident.

Building a romantic relationship online isn’t challenging, nevertheless it could get quite high-priced to be able to work with a paid online social network. It’s not why these forms of sites tend to be not very good, actually is exactly that an individual get the identical positive aspects together as you do within free of charge types. You could have to pay a little bit more for the social networking, nevertheless what a smaller price find bride to spend a deep, durable marriage.

You can also be able to connect with others together with free sites. These kind of web sites permit you to develop a account, upload pictures, place a date, and a few times after you are able to alternate associates in addition to information together with associates that happen to be about the same internet site. Consequently you can start to get to know one another to see in case discover any kind of biochemistry between both of you. Typically the most severe part is that you simply find keep in touch with they will always instructions since you will absolutely frequently on the same web page, body fat stress to maintain connected.

The world wide web also offers the main advantage of being less expensive than nearly all classic forms of connection. Together with the average cost of the cellular telephone right now, it’s actual clear that there are no chance to maintain together with style a long-lasting marriage online. Nevertheless , with the right software, you can remain in speak to during the period of a few years help or decades. You can email, talk, give fast text messages and in some cases share photographs and video.

There are a variety associated with ways to get people, along with the Net is a superb spot to locate them. So , if you’re emotion caught up or discouraged and want to get some assist in keeping14965 your human relationships proceeding simple provide the Web a try.

Evolution of Dental Implants

The evidence says that for over a thousand years, civilizations have tried to solve the issue of tooth loss by implanting some kind of foreign material into the jawbone. Archaeologists have found pieces of seashells and carved stones embedded in the jaws of some ancient Mayans back in 600 A.D. In some instances it has also been discovered that these early implants were fused to the bone.

Evolution Dental Implants

Dental implants have made a lot of progress since then. In the 1950s, the most significant advancement occurred in this field with the discovery of the fact that titanium has an inherent property which helps it to form a direct physical bond with living bone tissues. This discovery was done by a Swedish Orthopedic Surgeon when he found accidentally that he is unable to remove the titanium optic chambers he had implanted sometime before in the leg bones of a rabbit. This bone fusion was later coined and in today’s date, it serves as the biological basis for the incredible success of modern dental implants.

Titanium has the unique feature of fusing directly into the bone, so it started to shape itself like the root of the tooth. Today, many implant manufacturers in the world create the root form of dental implants. It comes in different widths and lengths, but the underlying width is the same.

In these 40 years, it has been found that the surface attribute of titanium implant affect the speed with which it fuses into the bone. Earlier, dental implants were surfaced smooth, but now with improved understanding, it has been found that bone likes to grow against a roughened surface. So, now the implant process takes just six weeks with roughened surface instead of earlier smooth implants which took around 6 months.

If you require dental implants, at Dental Dimensions we have the best services of implants by our professional dentists. Get your teeth fixed today by booking an appointment with us.

Get a Best Dentist in West San Jose 95129 CA

Meeting with a dentist can be a daunting experience, and particularly children feel scared and painful about going to the dentist. People choose dentists because they restore their oral health and transform their lives. Many people might have had a painful and truly forgettable dental experience that has stopped them completing the treatment they needed. People should never have a bad experience.


What to look for in a Dentist

Your oral health remains a critical part of your overall health. You have to rethink your standards and expectations for dentists. We can help people choose the best dentist to deliver a positive dental experience and make your visit more productive. Here are six tips to consider when looking for a dentist in West San Jose for you and your family.

  1. Dental Benefits

    When choosing a dentist, define your dental goals and choose the treatment which is best for your needs and budget. Regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene is the key to a healthy smile. A dental exam, full set of X-rays, a general cleaning, and other dental procedures will be performed by the dental professional to check for cavities and remove plaque and tartar your teeth.

  2. Get a Referral

    Referrals are one of the best ways to choose the right dentist. Ask friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers for their recommendations. Ask your family doctor or local pharmacist. If you’re moving, ask your current dentist or your health insurance provider or the local hospital to make a recommendation. Contact your local or state dental society.

  3. Dentist’s Credentials & Affiliations

    Dentist’s educational background, skills, and credentials are important considerations in finding the right dental care provider. Verify the dentist’s professional qualification, dental school accreditation, and a valid license to practice. Don’t be shy in checking the dentist’s credentials before setting your first appointment.

  4. Schedule an Appointment

    Meet the dentist and staff with whom you feel comfortable and get the care you deserve. Schedule your consultation time with the dentist before making an appointment.

  5. Pricing

    Pricing can be a deterrent for getting proper dental care. People have a hard time finding an affordable dental care service provider. A dental savings plan is the best option to find affordable dental care. Dental practices that offer low-cost health coverage and discount plans are also one of the best ways to find affordable care.

  6. Location & Accessibility

    For a dentist, choose the location of the clinic that is near your workplace or home. It is easy to find a dental office with parking spaces when it comes to choosing your clinic location.

    Ultimately, you have to do your research in finding the right dentist. Follow the golden standard and make your decision about the right dentist for you and your family.

Schedule your Appointment with us:

Give us a call or schedule your appointment to fix your all dental problems. At Dental Dimensions, we recognize and give you the right dental treatment that make your smile better.

How to Maintain Your Child’s Oral Health Regimen

What your dentists in South and West San Jose want you to know

When you take care of your child’s oral regimen, you are helping to maintain the oral health of your child. When you help the oral health of your child, you are also taking an important step to guard your child’s overall health too!

children dentistry sanjose

How do you take care of your child’s oral regimen? Your dentists at The Dental Dimensions are here to help answer that question. They have two convenient office locations in San Jose, CA, to serve your family’s needs.

Your child is never too young to benefit from oral hygiene. In fact, your child is at risk for tooth decay right after the first tooth erupts. That’s why it’s important to remember to never put your child to bed with a bottle of milk or juice because your child’s teeth will be bathed in sugar all night long!

Ideally, your child’s oral regimen should include brushing after meals and before bed. You can teach your child to brush by taking a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Tell your child not to swallow the toothpaste. Stand behind your child with both of you looking in the mirror. Using a gentle, circular movement, brush all surfaces of your child’s teeth and along the gumline while your child is looking in the mirror. Your child should demonstrate the technique back to you.

Flossing can be taught around the age of four when your child has better hand dexterity. Your child should watch you floss and then try flossing while looking in a mirror. Floss picks are often helpful when your child is first learning how to floss. Floss picks are available in kid-friendly shapes and sizes. By the age of eight, your child should be flossing independently on a daily basis.

Taking care of your child’s oral regimen is an important and rewarding part of maintaining health. For more information about pediatric and family dental health and treatment, call your dentists at The Dental Dimensions in South and West San Jose, CA. Call today!

Are You Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits?

Dental technology and treatment techniques have made leaps and bounds in the last few decades, and as a result, more people are keeping more (and in many cases all) of their natural teeth for most of their lives, well into old age. But despite the progress, the American Dental Association (ADA) estimates that close to half of all American adults are missing at least one tooth, with millions more living with complete tooth loss. But the good news is that gum disease – the leading cause of tooth loss in adults – is largely preventable with good oral hygiene habits and regular dental care. The dentists at The Dental Dimensions in San Jose and Cupertino, CA, recommend visiting a dentist at least twice a year for a dental exam and professional cleaning.

gum disease treatment sanjose

Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment in South San Jose, CA

Tooth decay and gum disease, like many health problems, are largely preventable and treatable when caught in the early stages. The first step in protecting your teeth and gums is to brush and floss every day, avoid smoking, which can increase the risk of developing gum disease and make dental problems harder to treat, and to eat a healthy diet. When combined with yearly dental check ups and cleanings, your oral hygiene routine is the most important factor in keeping your teeth and gums healthy year after year. But the good news is that it is never too late to commit to a solid oral hygiene routine. Even if you have neglected your dental health in the past, picking back up where you left off by scheduling an appointment with a dentist and incorporating flossing into your daily routine will help to get you back on track.

Find a Dentist in South San Jose, CA

Practicing good oral hygiene is the best insurance policy against tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems. For more information and to schedule an appointment for a dental exam and professional cleaning, contact our office by calling 408-225-6815 for our South San Jose office, or 408-252-3212 for our West San Jose/Cupertino location.

Are You Using the Right Toothbrush?

Buying a new toothbrush can be difficult with so many different shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. Which toothbrush you use and how often you replace your toothbrush, however, is important for maintaining good oral health and a radiant smile. Here are some basic recommendations from Dental Dimensions to consider when selecting a toothbrush:

Right Toothbrush

  • Your toothbrush should be the right size for your mouth and teeth; it should not be uncomfortable to clean your teeth.
  • Your toothbrush should have bristles that stand up straight.
  • Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles that are gentle on your teeth and gums.
  • Select a toothbrush with a handle that is easy to grip and long enough so as not to make the action of brushing awkward or difficult.
  • Your toothbrush should have a marginally small head so it can fit comfortably between the teeth and cheek. The head of the toothbrush should be small enough to clean the back molars and other hard to reach areas.


How to Care for Your Toothbrush:

  • Replace your toothbrush every three to four months, or when the bristles look worn or bent.
  • After an illness, throw away your old toothbrush and buy a new one to avoid re-infection.
  • Never share toothbrushes as this increases the risk of infection and illnesses.
  • After brushing, thoroughly rinse your toothbrush with water to remove remaining toothpaste and debris.
  • Allow your toothbrush to air-dry by storing it in an upright position.

When you choose the toothbrush that is the right size and style for your mouth and dental care needs, you’ll be able to clean your teeth more completely and help prevent the development of plaque and other dental diseases. If you need assistance deciding on the best toothbrush for your oral health needs, discuss your choice of toothbrush with our San Jose office.