As you know, all-on – 4 dental implants are popular among men and women who have lost their teeth or have missing teeth, and it is an easy and quick method to restore one’s oral function and aesthetics with a permanent function. If you have preferred the all-on-four dental implants, keep reading below for aftercare tips for the safety of your precious teeth. A new set of teeth does require a new set of rules for better teeth management. We at The Dental Dimensions offer you affordable implants dentistry with amazing quality at the same time, leaving you with a cherished smile.



All-on-4 treatment isn’t a normal one, and due to this, we need to have better hygiene practices as a part of daily dental care. Following the given procedure from day 1, patients should avoid direct contact with surgical sites and try using only a soft bristle toothbrush to clean their teeth—usage of water to flush out food stuck under your All-on-4 implants. People mistakenly believe that implants belonging to the all-on-4 wouldn’t require everyday care; they are wrong over here. They should be taken care of just like your normal teeth to keep the germs at bay. Brush twice, floss at least once, and also using anti-bacterial mouthwash once a day maintains your dental health, and your all-on-4 treatment will be a success.


An important factor that goes unseen, on the first few days after all on four treatments, you will need to control your diet to protect the implants from further trouble. The kind of food that is meant to be avoided includes chewy and hard food, and you can switch to soft foods for the first couple of days after a new all on 4 implant placement. The Dental Dimensions would love to recommend foods like soups, protein shakes, mashed potatoes, smoothies, yogurt, healthy oatmeal, tasty puddings, and cooked noodles.


Just food is not enough for people who have recently completed the all-on-4 treatment. Staying hydrated during this time is equally important to ensure better healing. Having plenty of water will keep you fresh too and energize at the same time. Low sugar drinks, Gatorade, and decaffeinated teas are also preferred in these cases as they also carry a bundle of energy and Gatorade leaves with an extremely healthy feeling.


An activity which is daily called more of it this time. Many affordable implants dentistry will miss out on this trip, but we make sure that you follow it. Resting is truly a blissful activity after your all-on-4-treatment. Not resting can cause complications, and your recovery time may get extended, which is not good for you. The Dental Dimensions would advise you to take some time off from your daily activities after the treatment. This would result in a healthy comeback with solid resting time.



Our instructions are the icing on your recovery cake. You should take the given medicines on time prescribed by us. Sleep with your head elevated slightly for the first couple of days, which helps you to avoid excessive facial swelling. While facing discomfort, you can apply ice packs to the sides of your face every 15 mins. Do it for the first 15 mins then a break, then again for another 15 mins and continue this cycle as long as you want.

These tips will help you after your recent all-on-4-treatment. Following this will benefit you to the maximum and will keep your new set of teeth safe too. Visit The Dental Dimensions for your all-on-4 treatment.

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