15762433035258 Mistakes You Should Avoid with All on 4 Dental Implants

I am sure we all would have learned or heard about All-on-4 dental implants. In general, All-on-4 dental implants mean replacing an entire row of teeth with just four dental implants. It’s incredible. Hereafter you don’t need to worry about uncomfortable dentures when you get back all your teeth. It is upbeat, and no drawbacks are found.

We know, All-on-4 dental implant is a good and fantastic procedure, but they are complex. Before getting into the process, have you got the answers to the questions in your mind? Lots many people are seeking All-on-4 dental implants, but they have not yet reached an informed decision. So, here are the top 8 common mistakes to avoid with All- on-4 dental implants.

  • Not going to an experienced implant dentist.
  • Not knowing whether you are qualified for four implants per jaw
  • Assuming everyone is suitable for All-on-4 dental implants
  • Not verifying, researching the brand of the implants
  • Thinking you will get teeth-in-a-day
  • Thinking to extract all your teeth and start over
  • Using your teeth prematurely or not taking proper care after the first surgery
  • Not shopping around for price

So, come follow this, we will discuss every mistake in detail.


         Among dental surgeries, All-on-4 is one of the most complex dental surgery procedures. There is a vast difference between being able to perform the procedure and doing it well. The problem is that there are loads of dental offices that offer All-on-4 dental implants nowadays.

All-on-4 dental implants are becoming marketable, which means many new dentists are looking to start a profitable career are getting trained in the process early on. Even more experienced dentists who have little experienced with oral surgeries are trying to get into this practice.

From this, we all should keep in mind that All-on-4 is a surgery. Every individual surgery is unique, unexpected challenges even for experienced surgeons. If the person doing the surgery is not experienced, then you are at risk.

To find an experienced All-on-4 dental implant dentist, you have to check the following. Research the actual doctor’s credentials ask how many All-on-4 cases are handled, make sure they specifically have All-on-4 dental implant experience. Look for doctors who provide guarantees on the work done.


One of the appeals of All-on-4 is the little number, “4”. The four implants to be inserted save your time and money in the dentist’s chair, “MINIMAL WORK, MAXIMUM RESULTS.” It seems to be a fantastic tool for many people, restoring an entire arch of teeth. But it is pretty suitable for a small fraction of cases. Instead, it is better to get what is known as: “Fixed Zirconia Bridge” or “Fixed Hybrid Bridge” restoration.

The difference between the Fixed Zirconia Bridge and Fixed Hybrid Bridge are;

But the prosthetic used on both procedures is not user-removable. Whereas the “Fixed” part refers to the bridge itself. The Zirconia Bridge uses zirconia as material for the prosthetic. The Fixed Hybrid Bridge is the combination of acrylic, composite, and titanium frame for the prosthetic. More implants mean more and more support across the entire arch of teeth.

Tips for getting the proper complete arch implant procedure are, be wary of dentists who offer All-on-4 dental implants as a one-size-fits-all, ask your dentist if you’re suitable for six or more implants per arch, educate yourself on Fixed Zirconia Bridge and Fixed Hybrid Bridge restorations, get a second opinion.


As per the before information, All-on-4 is not a one-size-fits-all option. There are relatively narrow criteria:

You should have sufficient bone in your jawbone

Don’t have a good bone in your molar area

Looking to get immediate load implants

Your front jawbone must be thick to place long implants. Without a sufficient healthy bone, implants can’t fuse in the right place properly and support you. The reason is that All-on-4 is anchoring an entire upper or lower teeth replacement on just four implants. They need to be a very healthy bone to fuse into. Without the healthy bone and volume at the front of the jaw, it would become an utter failure surgery.

Here are a few tips for determining your eligibility, review your 3D CT Scan X-Rays with your dentist, ask if you have enough bone volume in the front of your jaw to place the implants, ask if you have enough bone volume above the molar.


We know many people feel great pride in purchasing generic brands to save their money; this is an excellent practice for them in case of things like grocery items and several medications. Sometimes we may not pay for the brand name, but we pay for the longevity, reliability, history, and quality assurance that the brand brings along with it. There are many types of dental implants in the market, but those aren’t made equal. Generic brand dental implants are risky for only these two reasons:

The unpredictability of the quality of the implant itself.

The unpredictability of the longevity of the company. Well-known, experienced, and adequately inserted dental implants can last for decades. For example, if you need a replacement connector seven years on, will the company still be there? Or else will they have gone bust? A branded name is more likely to be stable that will act on its warranties into the future.

Tips to make sure you are getting the best implant brands, ask for the brand name, verify the warranty of the implants, make sure you get a certificate of the implant specifications after surgery.


IMMEDIATE LOAD means the ideal case for All-on-4 implants is the “teeth in a day” scenario-you get the temporary teeth attached to implants post right after the surgery.

Instant gratification is the king in the marketing world. So, it is not surprising to see those “teeth in a day” advertisements everywhere. The words in the advertisements are attractive and straightforward, your implants and prosthetic all together in one trip—no need to waste time, just instant result.

This is certainly a possibility in an All-on-4 dental implant, but here are few things. For immediate load dental implants, you should be eligible to have an outstanding bone volume. Typical implant and All-on-4 dental implant have some level of bone loss, either cause a symptom of losing teeth. Have a bone volume isn’t enough. All bones are not equal. Some may have softer bone tissue that is not suitable for immediate loading.

Even if you are a person with the perfect type of bone, there is one last problem. Why don’t you get teeth-in-a-day? The teeth attached on the implants on the surgery day are not permanent, it is just a temporary tooth. You must visit your dentist once in 3-4 months to have permanent teeth installed.

Tips for the teeth in a day are to have a realistic expectation. While few people are actually for immediate load “teeth in a day.”


Some of them think it’s a good idea to extract all of their to start over again with dental implants. Even your dentist will tell you the same thing; nothing will beat your natural teeth. Dental implants are often considered the best thing, as they replace the form and function. But they are still a substitute. You won’t taste the food quite the same or feel the texture or have quite the same sensation of the space within your mouth as before. More than that, it is typically much cheaper, cost-effective, and comfortable to keep as many healthy teeth as possible.

The treatment and the recovery time are also significantly less compared to the other surgeries and much faster than extracting and replacing the teeth with dental implants.

One tip to avoid multiple extractions and avoiding unnecessary implants is to get various opinions.


One of the most important factors in dental implants- All-on-4 or otherwise- is “OSSEOINTEGRATION” (bone integration). It’s the technical term for bone growing around the implant and setting it in place. It’s a slow process that isn’t fully finished for several months after the implant surgery. The crucial period is the first six weeks; it is essential not to load on the dental implants. If you do so, it will ruin the implant-bone integration, one or more implants will fail, and you will need to start it again.

One of the biggest problems is the swelling and pain of the surgery are almost entirely gone after two weeks. Many people take this as an advantage and a sign of healing, and they are free to use their teeth to chew and bite as they would normally.

Tips for not compromising your dental implants: get written instructions after surgery, and be patient.


I hope you have followed the above steps, and you would have got an idea of who’s experienced with dental implants, who has done many All-on-4 procedures. Your dentist tells you the implants cost USD 28,000 per arch. You don’t care about money and such things; it is your dream and your goal. You are having a problem, and someone is having the solution for the problem, do it right away. Then the cost becomes secondary.

This is what the business are on- that you will accept the first-good sounding offer rather than shop around. Medical care and dentistry are often not at all different.

The price range of few countries is: the average price of All-on-4 dental implants in the US and Canada is between $23,000 and $33,000 per arch. The Mexico price range is $10,000 to $15,000. Much might raise the question that the quality of the work is so substantially cheaper. But the reason is, the top dentists in Mexico are trained in the states and return to the states to train future dentists.

Tips for avoiding getting ripped off on the price are to check the inclusions in the pricing; you get what you pay for; remember the other angles.


It is advised to consult with your dental surgeon when you are looking to get your missing teeth replaced. Do not forget to ask your dentist about the related procedure so that you do not need to wait for another day to improve your overall appearance and for that gorgeous smile. In this way, you can improve your level of confidence and enjoy social gatherings and celebrations.

Should you get the cavity in your child’s primary teeth treated?


If you think that your kid has mere baby teeth cavity and that those baby teeth will fall off events, then you need to think again. At Dental Dimension, our expert kid’s dentist in San Jose suggests you opt for pediatric dentistry if you suspect that your child has a tooth cavity.

Why do you seek pediatric dentistry if your child has a tooth cavity?

Tooth cavity is very common amongst children. Cavities are a result of tooth decay which are essentially holes in your child’s teeth. If your kid has a tooth cavity, it can be treated with fillings which would prevent the cavity from worsening or spreading. 

What happens if you don’t treat your child’s cavity on time? 

Our professional kid’s dentist in San Jose claim that if baby teeth cavity is left untreated, your child can run the following risks:

  •     Wrong impact on overall health and nutrition
  •     Overbite and other issues in bite functions
  •     Impact on the proper growth of adult teeth
  •     Negative effect on self-esteem and proper speech
  •     Extreme tooth pain
  •     Infections that may lead to more cavities

What are the symptoms of baby teeth cavities? 

Our qualified kid’s dentist in San Jose suggests you get your child treated if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  •     Pain while chewing or brushing
  •     Pain below the line of gum
  •     Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold
  •     Holes in teeth
  •     Discoloured teeth
  •     Dark spots on teeth
  •     Persistent bad breath that does not go away

While these symptoms are pretty easy to spot, only a professional kid’s dentist in San Jose can confirm whether your kid has cavities. And if you do notice one or more of the above symptoms in your child, then we urge you to bring your kid to Dental Dimension for pediatric dentistry. Our experts will do everything to ensure better oral health for your young one.

All on four dental implants – a reason to smile again with confidence


If you have many or all of the teeth missing, can just four dental implants replace all of your teeth? The answer is yes. Thanks to the advancements in dental technology that this thing can happen. All on four dental implants give you the opportunity to get a full mouth restoration with just four Implants. Tooth loss becomes very common in adults as we start to age. Dental implants in San Jose can be the best solution for you.

What do you mean by all on four Implants? 

They are a permanent set of fabricated teeth fixed on dental implants and placed on your jaw with the help of a surgery. They appear and function like your real teeth.

Features of all on 4 dental implants 

  •   They are permanent sets which can be brushed as well as cleaned like your real teeth.
  •   They are not removable.
  •   They do not require any kind of adhesives.
  •   They are comfortable as they don’t press down on your gums.
  •   It lets you feel the temperature of the food as well as its taste.
  •   Prevents deterioration of bones
  •   Helps in restoring your facial features.

Are they different from dentures? 

All on four Implants are different from dentures as they give a permanent solution to your missing teeth. They are securely placed into your jaw to give the feel and functionality like your natural teeth.

How long does the implant surgery take? 

The implant surgery takes approximately 2 to 3 hours per arch. 

If you are embarrassed with your missing teeth and need a solution to it. Visit us at Dental Dimensions and get amazing results for your missing teeth. We have experienced professionals who will make sure you achieve your best smiles. Contact us today for booking an appointment with us.

What are common dental emergencies?


Dental emergencies can occur anytime, anywhere and to anyone. It may happen during an intense game of basketball or while eating something. Whatever be your case, you require professional help. You need to get to the dentist immediately after an emergency occurs to save your teeth and maintain your oral health. Dental Dimensions is an emergency dental clinic in San Jose with experienced dentists. There are other things which you can do for the time being for prevention of any further damage. Given below are some of the common dental emergencies:

Knocked-out Tooth

You can get your teeth knocked out accidentally. In such a case, you need to see the dentist reattach it. You need to rinse your knocked-out teeth in water or milk and then store it. Make sure you see a dentist as soon as possible so that they can take the best action possible.

Cracked tooth

If you tooth fractures or gets cracked, make a call to your dentist immediately. You can use ice packs to reduce the swelling instantly or take over the counter medications until you reach the dentist.

Temporary dental crown coming off

If you find out that your temporary crown is coming off, attempt catching it before you swallow or lose it, try using a tiny dab of Vaseline on the back of the crown to fix it temporarily. Book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible for replacement of the crown.

A painful or infected tooth

Get to a dentist as soon as possible if you feel you have an oral infection. Do not try to treat the infection with yourself.

Broken Jaw or Pain in the jaw

You can hurt your jaw accidentally and cause pain. See a dentist immediately.

If you are looking for an Emergency Dentist in San Jose, visit us at Dental Dimensions and get the best services possible for a dental emergency in San Jose.

About Cosmetic Dentistry and its Benefits


Everyone is aware of proper dental hygiene and timely visits to the dentist for better oral health. Although being aware of this, not everyone follows the essential steps needed for preventing severe mouth issues. Most of the individuals are scared of getting cosmetic surgery and the reason behind it is that they are unaware of the benefits attached to the procedure. Given below are some of the advantages of cosmetic dentistry:

Improvement of bites

Approximately 20 percent of people do not have a perfect bite. With the help of cosmetic dental procedures, your bite can be improved tremendously. After the treatment, you won’t cause any further damage to your teeth due to improper bite.

Show off your amazing smile

Are you hiding your smile while talking, eating or taking pictures? Thankfully we have cosmetic dental procedures that can help you show off your beautiful smile as much as you can.

Enjoy your favourite food

Once your cosmetic dental procedure is done and the healing process is done, you can enjoy any food you want. You might not want to take those sweets again, but at least you will be away from the fear that it might affect your teeth.

Feel better about oneself

With various dental issues, you do not feel good about yourself. When all the issues are fixed, you start feeling better and confident. You will begin loving every aspect of your life.

If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry in San Jose, visit us at Dental Dimensions and improve the quality of your smile today by our cosmetic dentist in San Jose. Contact us today for any further inquiries regarding cosmetic dental procedures or booking an appointment with us.

Will a dental implant procedure be painful?


Are you suffering from missing teeth? Dental implants are a great way to replace missing or damaged teeth. As the name of implant surgery strikes, people get concerned regarding the pain it will cause. People have common fears regarding the surgery for dental implants. Although, most of the patients who got implants said that the treatment is pain-free and the discomfort is also minimum. Implants have gained popularity because it offers a natural and long-lasting smile and people can eat and laugh without any hesitation.

Is pain experienced during the surgery?

Implant surgery involves drilling and screwing, which may sound painful to you, but fortunately, you will be pleased to know that implant placement is more relaxed than a tooth extraction. A local anesthetic will be given to you which doesn’t make you feel any pain during the surgery. Even the bone where the implant is placed doesn’t have many pain-sensing nerves. If you are still nervous during the operation, you can also take sedatives that can keep you at ease.

Will you experience pain after the treatment?

Just after the dental implant surgery and for a couple of days, you may feel some discomfort. After all, this is major dental surgery, but the pain is minimal and can be managed. You can feel uneasy near your chin, cheeks or under the eyes. It’s also possible that you may get skin and gum bruises, pain or minor bleeding. Your dentist will suggest you with some painkillers that will offer you some relief. After the surgery, it’s recommended that you consume soft foods, avoid smoking and alcohol.

If you require dental implants surgery, visit us at Dental Dimensions and get your treatment done by our experienced professionals. We aim to provide shining smiles at an affordable rate. 

Different Types of Dental Implants – Dental Dimensions

Missing teeth make us feel self-conscious to smile or talk about. Along with this tooth loss also causes negative effects on our consuming habits. One of the best tooth-replacement options is dental implants.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made up of titanium posts which are surgically placed in the jawbone at the place of missing teeth. These implants appear, feel and function like your natural teeth. Let us know about the different types of implants. 

Dental Implants

Types of Implants

There are mainly two different kinds of dental implants. They are:

1. Endosteal Dental Implants 

One of the most common types of implants is Endosteal dental implants. They are suitable for most of the patients, but one needs to have a healthy jawbone so that the post gets fused to it. They are in the shape of screws and are placed into the jaw. After the procedure is done, it takes very less time to heal. Once healing is done, the artificial teeth are placed onto the post so that it fits with the surrounding teeth. 

If you are not ok with the idea of getting something placed into your jaw, you can go for the second type of implants given below.

2. Subperiosteal Implants 

This is another kind of dental implant, which is a necessary alternative to endosteal dental implants. They are not placed into the jawbone but on top of the jawbone inside the gums. 

Then a metal frame is set under the gums along with an attachment of post. Healing of gums takes place surrounding the frame to hold it in place. This implant procedure is done if the patient doesn’t have sufficient jawbone for the placement of the implant.

If you are looking for a good implant dentist at Dental Dimensions, we provide the best services of dental implants. We have experienced professionals and specialists who make sure you get the best of your smiles. So, book your appointment today and get exceptional treatment