The Different Types of Dental Implants and Choosing One Right For You

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Our body undergoes a lot of changes throughout our life. The bones and muscles develop and remodel over time, even hairs and nails grow back Teeth, however, do not regrow after they have fallen out. You may choose between a bridge crown or the newer and better implant, or you can suffer from the gap, which is not recommended, as any dentist will tell you. 

Now is the time to point out that taking proper care of your teeth will help you prevent or delay the problem of decay, which can lead to extraction and the cost of an implant. Though implants may be costly; and prevention is preferable. Knowing about Implants Dentistry in west San Jose and how we will select affordable implant dentistry for you is beneficial.

Why Are Implants Best?

Even before implants were popular in dentistry in the 1960s, the most prevalent option was to utilize a crown-bridge combo. An artificial tooth is manufactured to cover the gap left by the missing tooth, and the tooth is kept in place by a bridge that rests on the adjacent teeth. When you’ve lost one or more teeth, this combination can help. Dentures replace a whole set of teeth on the upper or lower jaw. Though the crowns and bridges and dentures were once the most preferred option of teeth replacement , wearing and using them on a long run becomes cumbersome due to various drawbacks. The implant is a much better option. You should be aware of several sorts of Implants Dentistry in west San Jose, both in terms of materials and types.

Type Of Implants

Different dental Implants Dentistry in west San Jose is available to fit local circumstances.

  • The cylinder dental implant is less frequent than the screw-type because the component that enters the bone has a smooth cylindrical form.
  • The most frequent implant is the screw kind. There are two categories of people in this group. One type is the straight screw dental implant, which has the same diameter from top to bottom. The other kind is a tapered-end conical screw dental implant.
  • The corrugations on the section that enters into the bone make it seem like a screw. The goal is for bone cells to adhere to the surface and retain the implant. The smooth top section allows gum tissue to develop around it and act as a seal.

Supported Treatments And Implants

The standard endosteal implant is suitable for most persons with enough healthy bone mass to allow the screw to be inserted at an appropriate depth. If your dentist thinks your bone isn’t strong enough, they may propose bone augmentation before the implant operation. In case of implants replacing upper teeth your dentist may suggest a procedure called sinus lift . Which is a sinus augmentation procedure that aims to increase the bone width in the posterior maxilla ,in the region of molars and premolars by raising the sinus floor membrane. A ridge enlargement surgery may be performed before the implant operation if the height and width of the jaw bone is not enough.

Which Implant Is Appropriate For You?

It is not up to you to choose between an endosteal and a subperiosteal implant. Your dentist will most likely take an X-ray of the region to determine which type of implant is appropriate for you. You will incur additional charges if you require bone augmentation, ridge expansion, or a sinus lift. In such circumstances, a crown-bridge combination may suffice. Trust your dentist to make the best dental implant decision for you.